Changing your diet to increase your chances of conceiving a girl is one of the most basic things you can do. There's a lot of proof that you can influence the gender of your baby through diet, though the theories on the best diet to follow vary a bit. In this article I will review several options for adjusting your diet to get your little princess.

Minerals for a Girl


Some studies and research have shown that certain minerals seem to increase the odds of conceiving a girl. Minerals most strongly associated with female conceptions are magnesium and calcium. Increasing the amount of both of these foods in your diet is a straightforward way to possibly sway the odds towards a girl.

You can get more calcium in your diet primarily through enjoying more dairy products. Dairy has a lot of calcium. Yogurt and hard cheeses are a good idea. Leafy green vegetables also tend to be high in calcium, so they're another good choice.

It should be noted that while research consistently backs up the nutrients sodium and potassium for increasing male conceptions, research doesn't always back up calcium and magnesium increasing female conceptions. Some researchers think that high levels of any nutrient may influence for male conceptions.

pH Levels for a Girl

Human bodies prefer to be in a slightly alkaline state of being. Researchers feel that more girls are conceived when the body is slightly acid. You can influence the pH of your body with the foods you choose to eat.

Select vegetables and other foods that are more acidifying to help tip your pH levels to a slightly acid state. Be careful -- some foods, like lemons, seem like they would be acidifying. These foods can actually cause the body to become more alkaline because the body works quickly to neutralize the acid and raises the overall alkalinity of the body.

Brown rice, peanut butter, and many sweets are acidifying in the body. Milk products and eggs also have an acidifying effect, so these are good choices for both mineral theories and for pH theories.

Girls Need Fewer Calories

Girls need fewer calories throughout their entire lives, starting from conception. Studies have shown that mothers who tend to have daughters consume hundreds less calories every day than those mothers who tend to have sons. Decreasing your calorie levels to around 1,500 - 1,800 calories a day can help you increase your chances of getting a girl. Going lower than this may make it impossible for you to conceive at all, however, so be careful.

Theories also state that more girls are conceived when the mother is taking in lower levels of nutrients overall. It's possible to sway the odds for a girl by taking in a bland, low-level nutrition diet. If you choose to use such a diet I would advise that you be careful with it -- you want to give your baby the best possible start.

Choose a diet that includes maintenance levels of proteins and fats, but that encourages weight loss. Weight loss definitely increases the odds of a girl. One possibility for a healthy diet that also induces weight loss is a low carbohydrate diet with higher protein and fat ratios. This could spur your body into weight loss but keep it in healthy levels of nutrients for your baby. Switch to a nutrient dense diet as soon as you conceive.

Diet to Conceive a Girl

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