Gestational diabetes is a condition brought about by high blood glucose levels that remain high during pregnancy. The health of the fetus and mother as well as the development of the fetus can be adversely affected by this form of diabetes. Although it seems as if the pregnancy causes the diabetic response in some women there have been studies done which show they may have been predisposed to diabetes as they develop type 2 diabetes later on in life. A gestational diabetes diet plan is critical to properly managing the affects of this disease.

Routine screening for gestational diabetes is recommended during the second trimester for all pregnant women to help limit the negative impacts it can have on mother and baby. If it is not controlled it can lead to pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature birth, large fetus size, congenital abnormalities, future obesity and diabetes in the infant, and other birth complications.


A gestational diabetes diet requires dietary modifications that the mother may not be used to but to control this form of diabetes it is essential. This is accomplished through individually developed dietary prescriptions based on metabolic nutrition and lifestyle requirements. Basic changes include reduced intake of simple sugars such as white table sugar and syrups.

The simple sugars are replaced with more complex carbohydrates with a balanced intake of nutrients, particularly with the carbohydrates, during the day. To make starting this type of gestational diabetes diet plan easier a registered dietician will use exchange lists to make their clients meal planning easier.

Exchange lists were first developed for diabetic meal planning but they have become a basic tool for almost all food guides and dietary recommendations.

Another system to control diabetes, carbohydrate counting, has recently begun to see more widespread use. This system allows the client to keep track of carbohydrate intake during the course of the day.

An overall gestational diabetes diet plan takes into account the physical, psychosocial, and educational requirements. For the woman with this form of diabetes reliance on her health care providers to help manage her condition is vitally important. Her registered dietician has the primary responsibility for developing and teaching her the individualized dietary plan that will work best for her. Nurses at her doctor's office and in the hospital help reinforce these dietary needs and also are responsible for teaching her how to effectively monitor blood glucose levels and administer insulin if needed. By working together the pregnant woman and her health care team can successfully manage and overcome the risks posed by gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan

For more information about a gestational diabetes diet please visit the web site Diabetic Diet Plans by Clicking Here.

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HCG Diet: How Can you survive off a 500 Calorie Diet?

One of the main questions I always get asked about the HCG Diet is about the 500 calories. How can you do HCG Diet and survive off only 500 calories? Well the answer is simple. It is what the HCG does for you: it pulls your fat from your excess storage and turns that fat into calories (energy) for you. On average it turns about 2,000 to 2,500 calories of fat into energy for you. That is close to a pound of fat a day. So with the 500 calories that you eat plus the 2,000 to 2,500 calories from your stored fat you will have about 2,500 to 3,000 calories for your body to use daily. That is more than enough calories to survive. To do this 500 calorie diet without the HCG will set you up for failure.


HCG Diet: Why other Diets Fail

Most diets, you start eating less, and pretty much you start starving yourself to lose weight. Your body always wants to stay normal

and does not respond well to quick fluctuation. Your body gets used to holding the excess weight you've carried for a while. You body adjusts to your current weight (even if you are obese) and maintains its unhealthy fat storage. So any quick fluctuation from that point is a shock to your body. So when you starve yourself or eat too few calories, your body's natural defense is to go into what is called a "starvation" mode and it will automatically start storing everything you eat as fat. So this is what happens with most diets, you eat less, lose muscle weight and put your body into a starvation mode. Unhealthy dieting also causes metabolism to considerably slow down. So the moment you get off the diet and start your typical eating habits again, your body over-reacts and over compensates. So you gain all your weight back and then some extra. This is not the case with HCG.

HCG Diet: Solution

Because of having the proper energy in your system due to the HCG, your body never goes into a "starvation" mode. You will lose weight quickly and will be able to maintain your weight loss even after you stop the HCG and dieting. In addition, another benefit of HCG is that it helps increase your metabolism through the HCG Program. The HCG program and foods that are allowed are very specific for this reason and should be followed without any modifications.

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HCG Diet questions and answers.

HCG Diet: 500 Calorie Diet

Dr. Martinez- Owner of Healthy Solutions

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South Beach diet has taken America by storm. Many are swearing by its ability to knock of those unwanted bulges and the knack of keeping cholesterol in control.

Followers of South Beach diet are asked to abstain from bad carbohydrates abundantly found in processed food and food products made from refined flour. Instead, they are asked to consume food containing good carbohydrates. Similarly, the dieters are asked to opt for mono saturated fats instead of saturated fats.


South Beach strongly disapproves of fast food like pizzas, burgers and other ready-to -eat foodstuffs made up of refined flour. However, many times people find it rather inconvenient to cook food that is as per the recommendation given by South Beach diet. This is especially true for those who are hard pressed for time.

However, there are brands that offer frozen food. Many might find the thought of frozen food and South Beach diet a little difficult to digest. But the pairing is possible, especially if you are developing the products in consultation with the doctor who formulated the diet.

Take for instance Kraft Foods. This giant in the food industry has brought a whole line of products targeted towards those South Beach diet followers. This includes frozen food products. Kraft Foods have developed these products in consultation with Dr. Arthur Agatston. Hence, you can lay to rest any doubts you may have over the suitability of these products. All the products are made from whole grains, vegetables and fruits approved by South Beach diet. Only olive and canola oil are used in preparation. In case of non--vegetarian products, only lean meat is used.

South Beach followers can look forward for three options when it comes to frozen food.

In case you are interested in choosing entrees, the following options are available:

1) Mediterranean Style Chicken with Couscous

2) Garlic Herb Chicken with Green Beans Almondine

3) Savory Beef with Cheesy Broccoli

4) Beef & Broccoli with Asian Style Noodles

5) Savory Pork with Pecans & Green Beans,

6) Penne & Chicken in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce,

7) Cashew Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas

8) Caprese Style Chicken with Broccoli & Cauliflower

Kraft Foods' South Beach line of frozen products also includes frozen pizzas. Those who love pizza will find frozen pizzas as a healthy alternative to those served by ordinary restaurants and hotels. You can look forward to having:

1) Grilled Chicken & Vegetable

2) Deluxe

3) Pepperoni

4) Four Cheese.

Those interested in having quick meals or snacks in between can look forward to the refrigerated sandwich warps that are launched by Kraft Foods, under its line of food for South Beach diet followers.

The following varieties are available:

1) Southwestern Style Chicken

2) Grilled Chicken Caesar

3) Turkey & Bacon Club

4) Deli Ham & Turkey

So if you are interested in following the South Beach diet, but are daunted by the fact that there are no ready-to- eat stuff available, then worry not! For now, you have Kraft Foods, which has come out with a whole range of foodstuff, especially tailored to suit the needs of the South Beach diet followers.

Frozen Options For South Beach Diet - South Beach Diet And Frozen Food

You can also find more info on Diet Club and south beach is a comprehensive resource to know more about South beachdiet club.

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The acai berry and colon cleanse diet have both been a hot commodity to many dieters. The high antioxidant content in the acai gives you a boost of energy to the body and helps the body burn unnecessary fats. The colon cleanser removes hardened fecal matter and harmful bacteria.

Many celebrities have featured the acai berry on their programs. Oprah Winfrey and her Dr. Oz have both explained the attributes of the acai berry. The studies by the University of Florida has proven that treatment with the product for twenty four hours can suppress cancer cells. Rachael Ray on the Food Network has also used it as a healthy way to diet.


As the acai berry cleans the system of waste, the colon cleanser will flush the intestines for an effective method to keep losing weight. I have found a few product review sites that have provided genuine feedback comments which have reflected a positive relationship with their provider.

Colon cleansing can be done in many ways, although not every method is safe or as effective. The few methods that provide a safe and effective result are quite simple. A daily regiment of the colon cleanser supplement will produce surprising results. The colon contains the most waste throughout the whole body, pounds and pounds of it. This waste needs to be dealt with for a healthy body and mind.

Each of these products will provide surprising results in a matter of days. With both the acai berry and colon cleanse diets fantastic results are achievable

Many testimonials from customers are positive and provide important feedback. A few customers have taken both the acai berry colon cleanse diet to increase their weight loss potential.

With both the acai berry and colon cleanser working simultaneously the body could instantly shed pounds of pure waste that's been building up inside your body for years!

The Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Diet

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A fatty liver grows due to a variety of factors. Obesity, pregnancy, too much intake of alcohol, and poor eating habits are just some of them. One of the liver's functions is to break down the fats that are brought in from the stomach.

However, problems occur when too much fat than it can break down reaches the liver. These fats will just build up and infiltrate the liver cells. Anything that the body takes in can either worsen or lessen the damage in the liver. To help deal with the situation, fatty liver diet guide should be made and followed.


Since fatty liver can't be cured but possible to reverse, a healthy diet would be a great help. Everything that the body consumes will pass through the liver. So if the body takes in foods that are not good for the health, it means that the body especially the liver is in danger of being damaged.

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals preferably manganese, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 would do well for they can help in the development, metabolism and growth as well as medium in the production of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Diabetes can develop fatty liver as well because if the blood sugar level is high it also means that there is an increase in the cholesterol level. So the sufferer should avoid drinking sweetened drinks and foods like ice cream, sodas, and jams. Instead have fresh fruits as part of your diet to satisfy your sweet tooth. And stop consuming sodas instead, drink a lot of water to help you eliminate the toxins that has been in your body.

Do not include foods like dairy products, butter, processed meats, avocados, cakes, cookies, turkey, egg yolks and chicken for they are high in saturated fats. The body still needs to comply with the fat intake daily requirement so it is recommended to cook vegetables and chicken using olive oil.

Foods that are rich in fiber like non-starchy vegetables, whole grains for instance barley, red, purple or brown rice, oats, spelt, flaxseed, rye, amaranth and fruits are good for the fatty liver. However, some starchy vegetables like beets, carrots, peas and corn needs to be taken in moderately. Potatoes, parsnips and white rice are not to be included in this diet because they have high GI.

This fatty liver diet guide should be followed by anyone suffering from such disease in order to not worsen the damage done to the organ. This diet should go with daily exercise and complete abandonment of alcohol intake for a better health.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide - Know What's Good and Bad

Alvin Hopkinson is a leading natural health educator. Fatty liver disease is reversible. Discover how you can reverse the condition using proven and effective fatty liver diet, all without using harmful and expensive medications. People who read this article also read: How to Treat Fatty Liver

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What exactly is diabetes and can you control diabetes by diet?  Diabetes isn't really a disease about not having enough insulin; in actual fact diabetes isn't a "disease" at all.  It is a symptom of having a pancreas that is too damaged to produce the insulin needed by your body to regulate the levels of sugar in your blood.  With traditional medicine, diabetes can never be cured.  The drugs prescribed by doctors only control the symptoms of the disease, they never deal with the cause of the problem.

There is new research out for people with Diabetes and this natural discovery is helping people cure their Diabetes completely without the use of medicine.  It has been discovered that it is our modern lifestyle that is causing not just increased risk of heart disease but also increases in Diabetes.


The human body was designed to run on a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, vegetables and plenty of water.  What the modern diet consists of now is sugar, fats and oils, cigarettes, alcohol, chemicals and  pesticides.  We just keep filling our bodies "fuel" that it is not designed to deal with and your pancreas has to absorb and process this.  What scientists have now discovered is that the root cause of diabetes is when your pancreas becomes diseased by the acids, sugars, fats and carbohydrates that are so common in our modern diet.  If you don't stop the attacks on your pancreas you develop type 2 and eventually type 1 diabetes.

Once you "cleanse" the pancreas from the overflow of acids, it starts to rebuild itself.   It starts to recover and gradually starts to rebuild the pancreas and so produce more insulin naturally. The simple truth about diabetes, and many other modern diseases in fact, is that it is much more important to pay attention to what you put inside your body than to try and deal with the symptoms with drugs!

It would seem that the best way to control diabetes is to change your lifestyle.  Cut out all the processed foods with refined carbohydrates, additives and way too much fat and sugar and revert back to a more natural diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates and reduced alcohol consumption, a "control diabetes diet".

Click on the links below to get more information.

How to Control Diabetes Diet

Click here for a Control Diabetes Diet

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It is a well-known fact that being overweight or obese is a major health hazard, which in the past concerned mainly the Western world and much less the Asian population. The reason for such difference was and still is clearly the different eating habits and nutrition in those countries. Unfortunately, this seems to change rapidly to the worse in the 21st century, with Asia's population's income structure rising and these countries coming more and more under the influence of the well-known U.S. fast food chains and soft drink corporations.

So it may nearly seem a bit nostalgic, when I present here the virtues of the Chinese diet but as I had the opportunity last year in November to come to and stay in Shanghai for a few months, I could experience the still existing difference myself. I wholeheartedly can state that I quickly became a fan of the Chinese kitchen and this for at least three reasons:


1. The incredible variation of meals you get in China is unmatched to all Western style kitchens.

2. Even with only little or no physical exercising, which is basically limited to fitness clubs in Shanghai (of which I am not a fan!), it was virtually impossible for me to put on any weight eating the traditional Chinese diet. From experience I know, that with Western food I would have gained at least 3 to 5 kg!

3. Due to it's preparation, the ingredients and eating style (chop sticks), the Chinese kitchen and way of eating is by far healthier.

These positive experiences motivates me to put together a brief insight into the secrets of Chinese food, which has a tradition of a few thousand years and used to keep one fifth of the human race slim. Perhaps the one or other spa owner will be encouraged to introduce some of those elements (occasionally) into his or her spa kitchen (why not at home too?) for the client's benefit.

Here now come the 12 basic rules of the Chinese diet:

1. Stop counting calories Chinese look at food as nourishing, not unwanted calories and eat slowly (by virtue of chop sticks!) only until not hungry any more - and not to finish the servings under time pressure as we know it so often.

2. Don't fear the fan ("cooked rice") This is no carbohydrate loading. More than a billion slim people and 3000 years of history can't be wrong!.

3. The liquid diet Known as "congee," it is liquid fan (rice based) and eaten for breakfast mainly - warm and either sweet or savoury. It has a cleansing effect and prevents dehydration.

4. Veggies are the dishes Traditional Chinese diet is carnivore-lite and veggies rich. The anti-oxidants are found in veggies, not dead meat.

5. Mixing is key The food comes on the table in large numbers and small quantities each. Western food is served in the opposite way. Taking a little many times ensures that the diner feels satiated earlier.

6. Eat till full Right. That is what the Chinese diet allows you to do. Comfortably full but not stuffed because your brain realizes too late that you have eaten too much. The beauty of slowness, not speed, at work!

7. A meal is an occasion, not sheer necessity Three proper meals a day and enjoyed with family and friends, not our snack-on-the run or firing up the microwave in order not to miss the soccer game on TV - that makes the difference!

8. Balance the flavors Most Chinese meals incorporate five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, pungent and bitter. Those flavors enter into different organs, which results in less desire for sweets as we know it from Western diets. Even the common craving for chocolate does lose its power here.

9. Eat food, which is "alive" Chinese food is traditionally freshly picked, not processed and conserved. They believe a living organism requires "real" food and not a food substitute.

10. Green is healthy Green tea is the much healthier choice than coffee or black tea. Slightly stimulating with its small caffeine content and full of anti-oxidants, when brewed with not quite-boiling water, it is said that five or more cups per day keeps cancer away.

11. Food is meant to keep you fit Chinese believe that food must ensure to keep disease away, must constantly support health and immunity. Those health boosters are seen in ginger, chillies and garlic in particular. They are delicious and support the body's health.

12. Respect the body's climate The Chinese don't entertain the malpractice of putting icy beverages into their body as so common in the West or steaming hot soup. They prefer in general room temperature and the food is cooked and not raw, therefore warm too - in complete harmony with body temperature.

After experiencing the benefits of such very different, more healthy eating habits and nutrition, I only can encourage you to evaluate carefully the above said. Try to take over as much as you feel comfortable with into your health business (should you have one) and/or private life, which is not difficult as today most supermarkets have an assortment of Chinese food on the shelf. Even better if there is a Chinese store in your area.

Last but not least I invite you to have a look at existing literature and recipes of Chinese diet, which will not only deepen your knowledge of the matter but will allow you to design and cook many healthy Chinese meals for family and friends.

The Chinese Diet

Dr Axel Brandt is an entrepreneur and consultant in the health and wellness market since 1992. He designed and managed South Africa's first 5 star holistic wellness center in Cape Town, has written various ebooks and numerous blogs about health and spa business. His blog is a good introduction into the health and wellness field.

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A 1200 calorie diet is nutritionally adequate for most of the people for a healthy, safe and permanent weight loss. Starving your body with fewer calories will slow down your metabolism and consequently using up of the calories by the body will also get decreased. This will result in a tired and emaciated body and also the weight loss will not be as much as expected because the calories are still stacked up inside the body.

Following a daily diet of 1200 calories is shown to be nutrition rich to support a healthy body and also brings about the calorie deficit which eventually leads to weight loss. Of course, the actual calories that should be taken depends on a lot of factors such as age, gender, metabolic rate, body size and other medical conditions to name a few. 1200 calorie diet plan fits most of the people on average but it is necessary to confirm with a doctor or dietician before starting with the diet.


How to choose the best 1200 calorie diet menu?

The diet plan should be chosen in such a way that it strikes a proper balance of the macronutrients. The macronutrients include proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The calories that come from the macronutrients should be ideally distributed as follows: 15% of the calories should come from proteins, 55% of the calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% of the calories should come from fats and only less than 10% of the total calories should come from saturated forms of food.

When the diet plan is composed of healthy, nutritious and wholesome food it will keep your food cravings in check and you will feel full for longer. Moreover there will not be any compromise to your health when you follow a diet that satisfies all the above conditions. A diet is followed to make us healthy, supple, strong and slim. Any proper diet should work to achieve all of these. Therefore make sure that you take nutritious food whose calories add up to 1200 or so.

Sample 1200 diet plans:

Below are two diet plans whose total calorific value comes around 1200. From this you can get an idea of how to construct your diet.

Sample 1:


One whole wheat muffin with a spoon of peanut butter and half a banana.

Mid-Morning Snack

An apple and few almonds.


2 slices of whole wheat bread; 2 oz. low sodium turkey breast; 1 oz. cheese; a lettuce, an orange, a tomato and a spoon of mustard.

Mid-afternoon snack

8 oz. low fat yoghurt


3 oz. skinless grilled, baked or boiled chicken breast.

A cup of cooked broccoli and 2/3 of a cup of brown rice.


A cup of milk and two fat free fig cookies

Sample 2:


A hard boiled egg, 2 slices of whole wheat bread smeared thinly with butter and a large slice of watermelon.


100gms of baked potato and baked beans and 100gms of reduce fat cottage cheese.


Muesli meal replacement bars.


Pasta salad made with olive oil. Wash it down with tinned tuna in brine.

Typically any 1200 calorie diet plan can be broken down into the following proportions: The breakfast is the most important meal of the day and makes up 300 calories of the entire 1200 calories. The mid-morning snack adds up to 100 calories, lunch to 300 calories and the mid-afternoon snack to 50 calories. Finally the dinner contributes to 450 calories of the total. Any nutrition rich diet plan that follows this breakdown can achieve good results in terms of weight loss. Snacks can be taken at any time of the day where you feel the need to snack. But timing is important for breakfast. Make sure that you finish you breakfast within an hour of the time you woke up at. For the rest of the day, timing is up to you and you can divide the calories as you want among the meals, but make sure that the total calories don't exceed 1200.

Last but not least, wash down you meals with lots of water. Adequate amount of water is absolutely essential for maintaining the metabolism and for the healthy functioning of the body. Keeping your body well hydrated is an important factor that constitutes weight loss. Make it as a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. It may look difficult at first, but once you start making conscious efforts it will no longer seem as hard as it was at first.

A word of caution:

Before you kick start on a diet, please catch up with your doctor or dietician and get expert advice on the meal plan that you have formulated. This is especially important for pregnant or breast feeding women. You don't want to follow some diet and weaken you body, so always ask for the doctor's opinions and then jump into your diet plan.

1200 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

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If you are one of the many sufferers of hyperthyroidism you have probably been told that you must use a hyperthyroid diet to control its affects. This condition is caused when the thyroid becomes overactive and makes much more thyroid hormone than the body can deal with. When the body gets an overdose of this hormone your metabolism speeds up and you can suffer from significant weight loss, depression, anxiety and numerous other problems.

But what how can diet affect hyperthyroidism? When you follow a diet that is low in carbohydrates, fiber, and iodine, you can alleviate many of the symptoms. While there is no diet or diet program that can affect your chances of developing hyperthyroidism, a hyperthyroid diet can help by removing substances that aggravate the problem.


One big problem in diet for those who have this condition is iodine. There are some cases that doctors believe that hyperthyroidism has actually been caused by the presence of too much iodine and reducing the amount of iodine that the body ingests can actually reverse, to some extent if the amount of iodine ingested is reduced significantly.

One solution to reducing iodine intake is to reduce salt intake. A list of other foods that can contain excess iodine follows:

o Seafood

o Eggs

o Dairy products

o Plants grown in iodine rich soil

o And of course sea salt or iodized salt

o Multivitamins with iodine

It has been suggested that hyperthyroidism can be the cause, or one of the causes of celiac disease. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that restricts your ability to properly absorb nutrients. People with Celiac disease cannot eat gluten, which is a protein found in starch. If hyperthyroidism can be linked to Celiac disease restricting your diet again by not ingesting wheat, rye and barley products can also have a beneficial affect.

While hyperthyroidism can cause significant weight loss and make gaining weight troublesome because of the high metabolism caused by hyperthyroidism, how much or how little that you weight won't cause the disease. Adding extra calories to your diet with protein rich foods will however help you keep your weight from dropping to low.

Using a hyperthyroid diet will not reverse or help manage this condition alone. If you do have hyperthyroidism you will need other treatments like hormone therapy to help control it.

What is a Hyperthyroid Diet?

At the end of this article, I'd like to share cool website with more information on hypothyroidism diet. Visit for more details.

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Liquid diet recipes can be useful for detoxification and weight loss. Most people are under going this type of nutrition plans in order to appear slimmer. Watery foods help our body to remove harmful toxins. It not only enhances the entire health but also helps our body in loosing weight. Undertaking liquid dieting can no-doubt help you but this nutrition plan may have dramatic side effects. There are ample chances of gaining weight after the completion of this nutrition plan. Liquid diet recipes are very low in calories, which can take our body to a starvation mode. There is also loss of energy during the entire process.

Long-term consumption of watery nutrition can be extremely dangerous for your body. This type of detoxification process can replace your muscles into fats. In order to lose weight healthily, we can take watery diets along with our regular diet plan. Cardio workouts and a healthy lifestyle can also stimulate detoxification indirectly. The advent of obesity in our lives usually forces us to undertake such low calorie nutrition plans. Most obese people, out of desperation take up juice fasting, which can be very unsafe. Our body needs at least 1500-1800 for survival. Anything, which is less than this, can be harmful. It is always advisable to lose weight naturally.


How To Prepare Lemonade Liquid Diet To Lose Weight And Liver Detoxification

Lemonade liquid diet is touted to be the most powerful diet to lose weight and liver detoxification. It can be prepared by combining maple syrup, cayenne syrup, and water with lemon juice. Most of the celebrities have undergone this type of liquid diet recipes for loosing weight. Lemonade diet also helps your body to eliminate those stubborn abdominal fats easily.

Liquid Diet Recipes - How to Prepare Lemonade Liquid Diet to Lose Weight and Liver Detoxification

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Finding a bodybuilding diet for women can be a hard task. Most of the information out there is designed for the male population and the male body. As women, we have different needs that our bodybuilding diet was give. I'm going present you with the best advice I can give you, from the female perspective.

  • Eat Smaller Meals More Often: This is a sound rule that you will find in bodybuilding diets for women and men. The reason for it is that it keeps a consistent flow of nutrients into the body, so you properly repair muscles throughout the day. The second reason is that when your body is put into a constant state of digestion, your metabolism increases. This allows you to put on the muscle mass without having to put on a lot of fat with it.

  • Avoid Gym Membership Trainers: At all the gyms I have gone to, you get a free trainer when you join. You need to take into effect that you're not going to get good advice on the dieting aspect. These people know the basics for the general public and really have no idea how to plan a bodybuilding diet for women. I'm not saying you need to go out and hire a specialized trainer that costs a 0/hr. I'm saying avoid the free ones at the gym because they'll often give you bad advice.

  • Eat A Meal High In Carbs Before You Workout: The reason for this is simple, carbs are you energy food. You need to have intense hard workouts to put on muscle tissue. Your bodybuilding diet needs to fulfill the needs for you to put on muscle and the needs for you to have good workouts.


This is a simple look at the bodybuilding diet for women and there is a lot to incorporate, but this is definitely the pivotal points and advice you need.

Bodybuilding Diet For Women

I'm currently offering a free womens bodybuilding course. If you're interested you can goto Free Womens Bodybuilding Course.

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The new cabbage soup diet is basically the same as the old cabbage soup diet that has been around for years. There are a few twists to the new version that make it a little different, but it is still a very low calorie diet that consists of eating a lot of cabbage. The cabbage soup diet cuts calories by drastic amounts, thus the weight loss is also dramatic. The great results are short lived because no one can sustain this diet indefinitely.

There is not a claim as to who first started this diet. The idea is to eat as much cabbage soup as you want. You are to eat enough to ensure that you do not ever feel full. The foods that you are allowed to eat are broken down so that only a couple of things are allowed each day. Of course, you eat the soup everyday.


Day 1 -Fruit as you like, no bananas

Day 2 - Vegetables

Day 3 - Fruit and vegetables no potatoes and bananas

Day 4 - Bananas and skimmed milk

Day 5 - Beef and tomatoes

Day 6 - Beef and vegetables no potatoes

Day 7 - Brown rice, vegetables no potatoes

Recipes for the cabbage soup vary, but all are based on cabbage, onions, tinned tomatoes, Bell peppers, celery, carrots and onion soup mix.

The cabbage soup diet does work, but the results are very short term. the weight is regained as quickly as it came off. This diet is often used by people who need a quick fix for some upcoming event. The diet is pretty simple and easy to keep up with, but it requires a lot of shopping and cooking. The soup stores well for a few days at a time in the refrigerator. There are many ways to lose weight visit me to find your way.

New Cabbage Soup Diet

My goal is to create a community of those who are currently or want to start losing weight. We can share ideas and encourage each other to reach our goals. For more tips and to monitor my progress visit Simply Lose Weight []

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Calcium is found abundantly in the human body and the earth's crust. It is also a major constituent of animal and plant diets. Eggshell contains adequate amounts of calcium carbonate which is used as a source of calcium in many calcium supplements today. Let's find out what the connection between eggshell calcium and human diet is.

Eggshell calcium and human diet are connected because of the fact that eggshell is consumed to overcome calcium deficiency in people of all ages. Although it's not an option for vegetarians, they can also get enough calcium to fulfill their daily needs by adding an egg substitute to their diet.


Many people are found arguing that eggshell is not clean and it should not be consumed to receive calcium carbonate. But the fact is eggshell is one of the richest sources of calcium carbonate and it cannot be ignored just like that. Of course when it comes to purity and hygiene, you should wash the shell thoroughly and then grind it finely to mix with other substances for consumption.

Calcium carbonate occurs as calcite in eggshells. Eggshell calcium and human diet are also related by the fact that many calcium supplements are now being made which make use of eggshell as their main ingredient. These supplements and other calcium tablets available on the market are very effective in controlling calcium deficiency and making the bones stronger and healthier.

Eggshell or calcium carbonate obtained from other sources can be blended with magnesium and vitamin D to make very beneficial calcium supplements. Magnesium is also an important mineral and should be added to everyday human diet. Similarly, vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and is needed by all of us on a daily basis.

Coral calcium is another widely used source of calcium carbonate in calcium tablets. This calcium source is obtained from fossilized coral reefs above sea level and has many benefits to offer. It contains not only large quantities of calcium carbonate but also traces of many other minerals and nutrients good for health. Supplements made with coral calcium, especially marine grade coral calcium, are equally effective as those made with eggshell calcium carbonate.

We all should consume up to 1000-1200 mg of calcium on a daily basis. To fulfill this requirement, a rich calcium diet along with good-quality calcium supplements is required. Don't forget to exercise regularly to receive maximum benefits of any calcium supplement product.

Eggshell Calcium Human Diet - The Connection between Eggshell Calcium and Human Diet

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Gestational diabetes also known as Gestational Diet Mellitus (GDM) is a condition in which a woman who normally doesn't have sugar, gets diabetic during her pregnancy. This diabetic condition now occurs widely throughout the world, 5% of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes, and the mother has nothing to worry about her delivery or her child as long as she keeps the sugar levels under control. The sugar levels should be closely monitored to avoid complications during the delivery period.

A hormone called insulin is responsible for getting the glucose from the blood into the cells of your body. If you are diabetic, then your body is not producing as much insulin as is required, or your cells are not using it the way it should be used.


If the gestational diabetes is in the mild stage then it can be controlled purely through proper diet. In some cases where the diabetes is in a more progressed state you may have to take insulin to bring your blood sugar levels under control. Your physician will know what to do, and when a diet needs to be followed, he will draft out the diet taking into account your present eating habits making sure that you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

General Guidelines:

  • Eat a variety of foods and make sure that most of your calorie content comes from carbohydrates and foods that are rich in fiber.

  • It is recommended by the American Diabetes Association to eat three small to moderate sized meals per day and two to four snacks every day. It is also advisable to have a bedtime snack just before you get into bed.

  • Never skip meal. Your blood sugar level will be consistent if your meals and calories are distributed evenly throughout the day.

  • Meals should be taken around the same time every day.

  • Do not wait till you are burning with hunger to start eating. When you do eat like this, your blood sugar levels will rocket up.

  • Restrict your intake of foods and juices that are rich in simple sugar like sodas, colas and fruit juices. These foods will quickly raise your sugar levels so limit their intake or if possible avoid them altogether. Instead of drinking fruit juices, you can eat fresh fruits which are also rich in fiber. Also, milk contains lactose which is a form of sugar. So if you drink more than two glasses of milk a day you may need to think for another source of calcium and avoid drinking more that two glasses of milk a day.

  • Get some exercise. It need not be something that is strenuous and physically exerting. A simple walk after your meals has been shown to work wonders on gestational diabetes.

  • Drink lots of water to maintain the body's water levels.

  • Continuously monitor your body's blood sugar levels and keep a record of them.

Sample Diet:

Mild cases of gestational diabetes can be controlled by proper dieting. We are looking for reducing the amount of fat, simple sugar and salt consumption and increasing the amount of complex carbohydrates and fiber rich foods. According to the American Diabetes Association, less than 30% of the total calorie count should come from fats, no more than 10% to 20% of the total calorie count from proteins, and around 50% of the calories should come from carbohydrates and fiber rich food stuffs like whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

A day's calorie intake can be divided into six small meals to make sure that the calories are distributed evenly throughout the day.

Meal 1:

When you wake up in the morning your blood sugar levels will normally be low. To start your day, a small high protein meal that includes meat and a food that is rich in carbohydrates like whole grain toast will be good. Wash it down with a glass of milk or a cup of low calorie yogurt.

Meal 2:

Vegetable sticks with a low calorie dip, whole wheat crackers, and small servings of fruits or cottage cheese will be ideal for the second meal of your day. This will keep you fill till it is time for your lunch.

Meal 3:

Choose a meal that is rich in proteins like garden vegetable salad or whole grain pasta or pita bread.

Meal 4:

Meal 4 mainly comprises of fruits and vegetables. Vegetable or fruit juices with a dash of cheese and whole grain bagel will make a quick, tasty and healthy snack.

Meal 5:

A whole grain wrap stuffed with chicken and salad is a good meal. You can dress this up with a drizzle of a salad of your choice or you can treat yourself with a sugar free cookie.

Meal 6:

When you are up for more than three hours after having your dinner, you sugar levels will start to dip. An apple or a whole grain muffin or a few peanut crackers with a cup of milk will be an ideal bed time snack.

As you would have surmised, with proper diet and exercise as advised by your doctor it is easy to fight gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes - Diet Plans, Menus and Recipes

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The Dukan Diet plan menu may be the best way for you to decide whether this diet is right for you or not. After all, you're going to be following this diet for weeks so you need to be sure that you're up for it. That being said, realize that any weight loss requires making some sort of change in your life so don't expect to be able to eat as you used to with impunity.

The Dukan Diet is a high protein program. In the attack phase of the diet (phase 1), you need to go through several days of nothing but protein. While this can be challenging for someone who likes to eat carbs, it's only for several days so I believe that it can be done.


If you're a meat eater, you have lots of options to choose from: beef, veal, chicken, ostrich, fish, seafood, low fat dairy products, and eggs are some of the common sources of protein you can choose from and there are others you can find.

The Dukan Diet Menu may be more challenging for vegetarians as they can't turn to meat for their protein and most of them abstain from fish and seafood either. Eggs and dairy products seem to be the main available sources of protein for vegetarians and these can be the basis of the menu for you. You can also eat tufo if you like. However, many of the regular plant based protein sources that vegetarians rely on are prohibited so you do need to take this into account. You may need to be very creative when coming up with some menu ideas.

Because plant based protein sources seem to be limited on the Dukan Diet, I don't think that it's a suitable diet for vegans as they can't eat eggs or dairy products. I'm not sure where they're supposed to get their protein but it may be difficult and expensive for them to go on this program.

You should note that this diet wasn't made specifically for vegans or vegetarians. Draw your own conclusions.

As long as you can get enough protein from diverse permissable sources and as long as you don't allow the no carb and low carb weeks to deter you, this is a program that may be for you. However, the final decision is yours. You need to decide whether this is the program for you or not.

The Dukan Diet Plan Menu - Is it For You?

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