Calcium is found abundantly in the human body and the earth's crust. It is also a major constituent of animal and plant diets. Eggshell contains adequate amounts of calcium carbonate which is used as a source of calcium in many calcium supplements today. Let's find out what the connection between eggshell calcium and human diet is.

Eggshell calcium and human diet are connected because of the fact that eggshell is consumed to overcome calcium deficiency in people of all ages. Although it's not an option for vegetarians, they can also get enough calcium to fulfill their daily needs by adding an egg substitute to their diet.


Many people are found arguing that eggshell is not clean and it should not be consumed to receive calcium carbonate. But the fact is eggshell is one of the richest sources of calcium carbonate and it cannot be ignored just like that. Of course when it comes to purity and hygiene, you should wash the shell thoroughly and then grind it finely to mix with other substances for consumption.

Calcium carbonate occurs as calcite in eggshells. Eggshell calcium and human diet are also related by the fact that many calcium supplements are now being made which make use of eggshell as their main ingredient. These supplements and other calcium tablets available on the market are very effective in controlling calcium deficiency and making the bones stronger and healthier.

Eggshell or calcium carbonate obtained from other sources can be blended with magnesium and vitamin D to make very beneficial calcium supplements. Magnesium is also an important mineral and should be added to everyday human diet. Similarly, vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and is needed by all of us on a daily basis.

Coral calcium is another widely used source of calcium carbonate in calcium tablets. This calcium source is obtained from fossilized coral reefs above sea level and has many benefits to offer. It contains not only large quantities of calcium carbonate but also traces of many other minerals and nutrients good for health. Supplements made with coral calcium, especially marine grade coral calcium, are equally effective as those made with eggshell calcium carbonate.

We all should consume up to 1000-1200 mg of calcium on a daily basis. To fulfill this requirement, a rich calcium diet along with good-quality calcium supplements is required. Don't forget to exercise regularly to receive maximum benefits of any calcium supplement product.

Eggshell Calcium Human Diet - The Connection between Eggshell Calcium and Human Diet

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