Has your eating gone out of control during the holidays? Did you enjoy so much food on your festive occasions? Have you gained weight without noticing it? For most people who had gained weight during the holidays or any other occasions normally would like to try a diet plan to lose off those fats. If you are thinking to remove that extra 10 pounds or so, try the 3-day tuna fish diet. This is a quick and easy to follow diet. It does not also include complicated rules to follow.

This diet involves eating tuna ever day at one meal. Several variations of this diet is everywhere especially over the Internet. This diet should be eaten once a day as a major meal whether lunch or dinner. Tuna is served as a replacement for your usual meals.


Many thought this diet was easy and no effort was needed but during those 3 days being in the program, you'll realize that you are getting hungrier and getting tired of tuna as your everyday meal. Aside from its bland taste, it is also too light to feel satisfied with your meal. The tendency is to crave and eat more foods.

As a result, you may have lost a little fat off your body but you could have a better result if you have tried a different diet plan. Other diet plans could offer a much extensive technique in losing weight. This diet may be easy to stick to but the results aren't that impressive.

3-Day Tuna Fish Diet - Does it Work?

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