Running. It's probably the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of an exercise to lose weight with.

It's been done for ages, and everyone seems to jog around everywhere these days, so people simply assumes that it's the optimal way to lose weight. It is, right?

\"weight Lose\"

Wrong. It's not, unless you do it in a high intensity interval training type structure.

Simply jogging DOES work, but not unless you jog for at LEAST 20 minutes every time you're out, and that's kind of a pain in the neck.

In fact, it's possible to achieve way better results in four minutes a day than you would do with jogging 20 minutes a day, as long as you do it right.

High intensity interval training, HIIT for shorts. The beauty of HIIT is that it lasts several hours AFTER you're done working out, and it the fat furnace doesn't just shut off after you're finished with the exercise. In fact, studies have shown that HIIT running is up to 9 times more effective than traditional running.

So how do you do HIIT running?

Well, you usually start out with jogging for about two minutes to warm up, and then... it's like the start shot at the olympics goes off in your head and BOOM, off you go - running as fast and as hard as your body allows you to run. 15 seconds. Stop.

You stop, walk or jog lightly for 1-2 minutes... then BOOM - you're at it again. 15 seconds. Stop. Rinse and repeat.

If you're able to do it 6 times, those love handles (or whatever you desire) will be gone in no time flat, I'm serious here. This stuff works and it works really well.

Running to Lose Weight the Right Way

Remember how I said you can achieve Mega Results in four minutes a day? Yep, that's entirely possible - and "mega" results is no understatement.

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