South Beach diet has taken America by storm. Many are swearing by its ability to knock of those unwanted bulges and the knack of keeping cholesterol in control.

Followers of South Beach diet are asked to abstain from bad carbohydrates abundantly found in processed food and food products made from refined flour. Instead, they are asked to consume food containing good carbohydrates. Similarly, the dieters are asked to opt for mono saturated fats instead of saturated fats.


South Beach strongly disapproves of fast food like pizzas, burgers and other ready-to -eat foodstuffs made up of refined flour. However, many times people find it rather inconvenient to cook food that is as per the recommendation given by South Beach diet. This is especially true for those who are hard pressed for time.

However, there are brands that offer frozen food. Many might find the thought of frozen food and South Beach diet a little difficult to digest. But the pairing is possible, especially if you are developing the products in consultation with the doctor who formulated the diet.

Take for instance Kraft Foods. This giant in the food industry has brought a whole line of products targeted towards those South Beach diet followers. This includes frozen food products. Kraft Foods have developed these products in consultation with Dr. Arthur Agatston. Hence, you can lay to rest any doubts you may have over the suitability of these products. All the products are made from whole grains, vegetables and fruits approved by South Beach diet. Only olive and canola oil are used in preparation. In case of non--vegetarian products, only lean meat is used.

South Beach followers can look forward for three options when it comes to frozen food.

In case you are interested in choosing entrees, the following options are available:

1) Mediterranean Style Chicken with Couscous

2) Garlic Herb Chicken with Green Beans Almondine

3) Savory Beef with Cheesy Broccoli

4) Beef & Broccoli with Asian Style Noodles

5) Savory Pork with Pecans & Green Beans,

6) Penne & Chicken in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce,

7) Cashew Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas

8) Caprese Style Chicken with Broccoli & Cauliflower

Kraft Foods' South Beach line of frozen products also includes frozen pizzas. Those who love pizza will find frozen pizzas as a healthy alternative to those served by ordinary restaurants and hotels. You can look forward to having:

1) Grilled Chicken & Vegetable

2) Deluxe

3) Pepperoni

4) Four Cheese.

Those interested in having quick meals or snacks in between can look forward to the refrigerated sandwich warps that are launched by Kraft Foods, under its line of food for South Beach diet followers.

The following varieties are available:

1) Southwestern Style Chicken

2) Grilled Chicken Caesar

3) Turkey & Bacon Club

4) Deli Ham & Turkey

So if you are interested in following the South Beach diet, but are daunted by the fact that there are no ready-to- eat stuff available, then worry not! For now, you have Kraft Foods, which has come out with a whole range of foodstuff, especially tailored to suit the needs of the South Beach diet followers.

Frozen Options For South Beach Diet - South Beach Diet And Frozen Food

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