Can your backyard trampoline help you to lose weight? You bet it can!

Just 10 minutes per day on a trampoline will accelerate weight loss and burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog!

\"weight Loss\"

You do not need to do flips and outrageous moves either.

Simply learning 5 or 6 basic moves and putting them into a routine is all that is required.

Here is an example work out on the trampoline.

Start with 20 warm up bounces, followed by 10 bounces getting higher and higher with each bounce, then 10 low bounces and again, 10 bounces getting higher and higher.

Do a Tuck Jump, Straddle Jump and Pike Jump one after the other, take a few bounces to recover and repeat 4 times.

Do a seat drop, followed by a tuck jump, followed by a seat drop, followed by a straddle jump, followed by a seat drop followed by a pike jump. Repeat this 4 times.

Do a Seat drop to front drop to feet.

Do a seat drop half twist out.

Do swivel hips - repeat several times

Finish with a routine.

Pike Jump

Seat Drop

Tuck Jump

1/2 Twist Jump

Seat Drop

1/2 Twist to Feet

Straddle Jump

Front Drop to Feet


Pike Jump

Seat Drop

Swivel Hips

1/2 twist to feet

Tuck jump

Front Drop to Feet

Straddle Jump

Back Drop

1/2 Twist to Feet

The benefits of doing the above on your trampoline every day when combined with maintaining a healthy diet is not only weight loss, but overall toning. It is excellent for cellulite when combined with drinking lots of water. It also controls depression with amazing success. This is because it has been medically proven that it is impossible to feel depressed when jumping on a trampoline. Long term use will deter depression forever.

As an exercise apparatus, nothing beats the backyard trampoline, or a mini-rebounder (if you do not have a suitable garden for a larger trampoline).

Of course, all these moves need to be learned correctly for both safety and to ensure you get the best results from your trampoline exercise.

Trampoline Weight Loss

You can learn all these moves, download routines and follow a weight-loss diary at

Fay Roberts -

Fay Roberts is a trampoline coach of 18 years. In 2007 she 'googled' trampoline and was horrified at the information portraying the trampoline as a Dangerous apparatus. A further look on YouTube unveiled kids from across the world, performing trampoline tricks on their backyard trampolines, in 'jackass' style. As a professional coach, she realised that kids were performing dangerous trampoline tricks without supervision, despite warnings of the dangers.

Further research uncovered an array of health benefits associated with trampoline exercise including a NASA report on the fitness benefits.

Fay went on to create her own trampolining course for backyard trampolinists, including intermediate and some advanced moves, and continually researches trampoline exercise for inclusion on her site and Members Area. She has successfully taught trampolinists across the world via the internet.

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