So, do you have any idea what your ideal weight should be for your age group? This is one question that most people would have problems answering for certain. Why? It's because most people don't have inkling as to what the proper weight should be for different age group or categories. So let's say that if your height is 5 ft tall, then according to an ideal weight chart, your weight should be 97 to 123 pounds. A lot of people fail within this category actually, so you should really need to understand the basics of an ideal weight chart so you will have an idea how much weight one should possess during a certain age group or category. Of course, there are different set of patterns or sets that you need to check before you can tell yourself that you have the ideal weight.

Let me tell you this; your bathroom weighing scale isn't always right whenever you try standing on top of it to check your weight. No matter what type of weighing scale it is or no matter the brand or model it may be, it is considered inaccurate by most weight enthusiasts. Place your scale on a firm floor and the base should be at level once there are high or low spots on it with a skew of your results. This should be done on a floor that has no carpet! This will give you a good idea how inaccurate your weighing scale really is. Once the scale is ready, press down on it with your hand and then simply let go, confirm the dial or the digital read out if it is not setting at zero, have it fine-tuned to make sure that the scale is indeed at zero. Remember this and you will have an ideal weight chart indeed.

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Ideal Weight Chart - What Should Your Weight Be?

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